Install ruby on rails for Aptana Studio 3 on Windows

I spent almost half of my day to install ruby on rails on my Windows PC. After a long fighting on installing, I found an EASY way for windows. Could be said as DAMN EASY.

What you need to do is download the latest version from Rails installer site and run it. Don’t need to download Ruby Installer, as it is included inside Rails installer. What you need to do is waiting until it’s done.

After installed, you can test it by open command prompt and go to whatever testing directory and type

rails new TestApps
cd TestApps
rails server

Then, open browser and go to http://localhost:3000 .If you are able to see the page. Congratulation, you are done with ruby on rails install.

Last things is to download Aptana Studio 3.

Caution here, make sure you install rails first instead of Aptana studio. Otherwise, you have to configure the path for rails on Aptana studio.

If you received error “Unable to find ‘rdebug-ide’ binary script. May need to install ‘ruby-debug-ide’ gem, or may need to add your gem executable directory to your PATH”, when debug ruby in Aptana studio.

Install ruby-debug-ide by following command

gem install ruby-debug-ide

Then, restart your Aptana studio. You should be able to debug ruby file.

Okay! Hope you are already in coding. Thank you for reading.


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