Getting started with Developing Bluetooth 4.0 LE and Android with BLE112 Bluetooth module

If your objective is asking BLE112 to say “helloworld” to Android or any other smart phone in faster, quick and simple way. You are on the right way. I am going to guide you how to get BLE112 to connect to your Android, Iphone or any others smart phone.


What you need is

  1. Bluetooth module ( BLE112 )  USD$50
  2. CC Debugger USD$ 49 
  3. Android which adaptable to Bluetooth 4.0

And the software you need to installed

  1. Bluetooth Smart Software and SDK ( Provided by bluegiga )–smart-module/documentation/
Bluegiga provide the SDK for free, but you have to register a new account to download it.

Reason why I choose BLE112 breakout board. BLE112 embed with antenna and bluetooth built in chip (Texas Instrument cc2540). It means you can begin your development with ble112 in a very cheap price around USD$12 to $16. However, bluegiga do not provide a nice pin leg and you need to soldering it to board in order to connect it to cc debugger. Here’s the reason why I choose jeff-rowberg breakout board. On jeff-rowberg site, it provide two type of board, one is ble112 embed and one is without embed. It save my time to design the breakout board and soldering ble112.


Download the Bluetooth Smart software and SDK and install it by follow the instruction.

After you have successfully installed Bluetooth SDK, you are almost there. Connect cc debugger and ble112. To easy my developing, I soldering pin socket to ble112. It is optional for you either soldering pin socket or not.

There are three things needed to connect.

  1. usb to cc debugger
  2. cc debugger to ble112
  3. ble112 to 3.3V power supply
Pinout is written on board, so you should able to find GND and 3V3
Newbie usually think that debugger provide power to module, but it is WRONG.
Debugger do not provide power to module, you have to provide external power to module. Here’s the why number 3 comes.
After you have setup all the things, let’s begin to debug the ble112.


Go to Bluetooth Smart SDK directory -> example -> find_me directory. Run project.bgproj and you will see the following window.
Click Refresh button to detect debugger. Then, click Info to detect ble112. The you should see that cc-debugger led turn red to green and the message show in dialog. If led already turn green light, then it should be okay. Green light means that chip have been successfully detected.
If “No chip detected” messages is showed and LED is red, it means that cc debugger unable to detect the ble112. There are 3 things you needs to do.
  1. Make sure BLE112’s power is supplied by external power supply but not from debugger.
  2. Make sure CC debugger pin is correctly connected to ble112.
  3. Long press the cc debugger reset button.
Make sure that File point to correct directory “find_me” and “project.bgproj”.
Then, click Update to begin debug.
If you see the following messages, it means you have successfully debug the chip. 

Testing with Android

Go to bluetooth settings and enable Bluetooth. Click “Search for devices”.
If you see “Bluegiga Find Me”, it means your bluetooth have successfully connected to Android. If you can’t see it. Most probably your android device is not adaptable to Bluetooth 4.0, test it with another device which adaptable to Bluetooth 4.0


Here’s the end of the blog. Hope you are successfully to see the messages. On next section, I will begin to explain about more detail on what is going with “Bluegiga Find me” and how BLE112 interact with microcontroller.
Hope you will continue with it. Thank you for your reading.

One thought on “Getting started with Developing Bluetooth 4.0 LE and Android with BLE112 Bluetooth module

  1. Hello,

    This is very interesting! I am trying to get “hello world” on a BLE113 module. Even after i successfully debugged the chip, I can not discover it from my iphone 6.

    Could you please help me troubleshoot?



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